Solo Streaming and Romance?


Is it possible to have a romantic relationship when traveling on the road? Little did I know I’d get the chance to ask myself that question. Of course isn’t that always the way it is?  We meet someone interesting when least expecting it. So apparently, the answer is, yes! I’ve met a handsome, confident, funny, giving, smart, sweet man, who sees me, gets me and supports me daily. He happens to be a talented chef and entrepeneur. He is also  extremely kind and thoughtful. Gil, I’m so happy you are in my life! 

I’m fairly private when it comes to our story, but I did feel I should mention my change in direction. I know those of you who figured it out before this point are smiling. Also, no offense if you are one of those modern day internet couples whose story grows online, or if you are the couple who lives in the same space but communicate to each other on social media. For me, when it comes to my romantic world I’m pretty private, and mostly share with my partner, or our circles. Of course a lot happens online these days so to each his or her own. For nowm I’ll stick to old fashioned methods of sharing.

Anyhow…. back to the original question……Apparently, living this lifestyle attracts quality men. You have to be the kind of guy who is confident and secure with yourself and your own life to be willing to say yes to someone who has the opportunity to float about free like a dragonfly, changing directions with the wind. To be a guy who can hang with a solo stream sister you have to be someone who is whole on his own, has his own life talents and things going on, yet is flexible enough to find a way to make things work, and make the time we have, quality time. As for me, I found Airstream Life has really taught me to be in the moment, and know that everything figures its way out. I don’t have to have all of the answers. With all that is going on in the world right now I have to remind myself of that. If you don’t slow down and enjoy the journey you miss the beauty.

In terms of “Tiny Adventures” I have learned I love the desert and the river so along with meeting this beautiful soul, it made sense to me to make the desert my home base. I’ll be having a lot of fun building my presence in the art community nearby, still enjoying my travels and road trips in a town near you someday soon, but doing so with this as a base for me, while enjoying getting to know this man. I have realized that for me and my reality having to be constantly on the move because I have to is not as glamorous as it sounds. Ironically, some of the you tubers and travel bloggers I have followed, have come to similar conclusions in their journeys. Getting to be on the move because I have chosen to travel somewhere is much more fun. I still am 100% on living tiny, as it allows me to actually live very large! I also believe having a base will allow the future travels I choose to be more interesting then some of the  places I have stopped out of necessity. Traveling solo is great but having a companion to share it with will be cool too.  You may also notice my blog taking a gradual turn to sharing more about my art and what it means to be an artist living in an Airstream.


4 thoughts on “Solo Streaming and Romance?”

  1. I haven’t been here in a long time but your recent news was too good to pass up. You have established a healthy groove and I’m so happy for you being able to share it with someone like-minded. I think your new chapters are gonna be exciting and fulfilling. Oh, and beautiful pics!

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  2. Happy you are finding a path to follow. It takes a while to try things out and find what’s comfortable. As for your man, yeah! Go girl 🙂

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    1. Thanks! Yes. I’m excited about a slower more planned out pace or even spontaneous yet having that option to sit still. And thanks! And… Yes, we are enjoying each other’s company for sure. 🤓


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