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Artist in an Airstream & Blogger

Hi Friends,

I’m ElisaMG. I love creating, and especially love working with acrylic paints on canvas. I am early in my art career as it took me a lifetime to get the courage to jump in and do it. I sold my house, bought an Airstream and downsized so that I could live a life focusing on what makes me happy. With all of the difficult things going on in the world I find joy bringing beauty to people and hopefully making them smile with a piece of my art. Currently my original paintings go from $800 to $4,000. My collectors will hopefully appreciate the value of their pieces has gone up! Prints are anywhere from $35 on up depending on size. I also make what I call RV friendly prints, which are small and lightweight in nature and are at a lower pricepoint. If you really want something special you might like to commission me to do a piece specifically for you. I received my BA in Visual Art from Augsburg College. Currently my strongest influences are Mexican Folk Art and Intuitive Painting. I love capturing what I see going on around me as I travel the country. Feel free to ask me anything, share your thoughts, reach out, and do not hesitate if one of my pieces touches you. I charge $2.50 a square inch on originals and $1.00 a square inch on prints. I process payments using Square and can ship insured for a small fee wherever you are in the United States. If you are in another country we can talk and see what our options are.

“Whimsical Dreamer”
Love Letters In Paint series
Acrylic on Museum Canvas Original 24″ x24″ (original is currently showing in Canada and not available right now)
Prints on Metal various sizes available.
“Eat Your Beets”
Love Letters In Paint series
Acrylic on Museum Canvas Original 24″x24″
Prints on Metal various sizes available.
“Keep On” Acrylic on Museum Canvas 24″ x 30″ Original
Metal Prints Avail in various sizes.
“Mothehood” Original Acrylic on 9×9 thick watercolor paper with an archival black matt (full size 12 x12) $220. Metal prints of various sizes available.

9 thoughts on “Artwork By ElisaMG – Portfolio”

  1. It takes a lot of courage to follow your dreams and especially when it is not a mainstream one! I absolutely love the courage that you have shown and your art works are just fantastic!
    Well, don’t forget to go through our articles and drop in your valuable feedbacks.



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