Artwork By ElisaMG – Portfolio

Artist in an Airstream & Blogger

Hi Friends,

I’m ElisaMG. I love creating, and especially love working with acrylic paints on canvas. I am early in my art career as it took me a lifetime to get the courage to jump in and do it. I sold my house, bought an Airstream and downsized so that I could live a life focusing on what makes me happy. With all of the difficult things going on in the world I find joy bringing beauty to people and hopefully making them smile with a piece of my art. Currently my original paintings go from $800 to $4,000. My collectors will hopefully appreciate the value of their pieces has gone up! Prints are anywhere from $35 on up depending on size. I also make what I call RV friendly prints, which are small and lightweight in nature and are at a lower pricepoint. If you really want something special you might like to commission me to do a piece specifically for you. I received my BA in Visual Art from Augsburg College. Currently my strongest influences are Mexican Folk Art and Intuitive Painting. I love capturing what I see going on around me as I travel the country. Feel free to ask me anything, share your thoughts, reach out, and do not hesitate if one of my pieces touches you. I charge $2.50 a square inch on originals and $1.00 a square inch on prints. I process payments using Square and can ship insured for a small fee wherever you are in the United States. If you are in another country we can talk and see what our options are.

6 thoughts on “Artwork By ElisaMG – Portfolio”

  1. It takes a lot of courage to follow your dreams and especially when it is not a mainstream one! I absolutely love the courage that you have shown and your art works are just fantastic!
    Well, don’t forget to go through our articles and drop in your valuable feedbacks.



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