Yes Mr. Morrison, There Will Be Days Like This!

“Oh my mama told me, There’ll be days like this!” Van Morrison….

Yes! Yes! So when those other types of days inherent in living an Airstream, nomad, tiny life come along, remember Van Morrison’s song.

Seriously though, I hear so many “yah buts”…. In reference to living this life. So many folks live in fear rather than faith, in self-doubt rather than self-confidence, in worry and problems, rather than solutions…..and every once in awhile I go there too.

I’ve had a few days where I worried about the “what ifs”, so I thought in this post I’d throw a bunch of them together  and comment on how this really has been a spiritual path for me, reminding me I am also tiny, and the universe is in control. What will happen will happen. And it will all work out as it is supposed to.


Won’t you be lonely living out there by yourself? You better get a gun, it’s not safe being out on the road. But you are a female by yourself, please be safe. How did you possibly learn all of that mechanical stuff? Isn’t it expensive to live like that? Won’t you miss your friends? What if you don’t have the right tools? What if someone steals your trailer? Will you be homeless? What do you do when you need to bring your rig in for maintenance? Where will you live? Oh my goodness, did you see that YouTube video of the sway that ended up in a roll over? Are you seriously driving through tornado alley? Really, you’re driving up the mountain peaks on icy twisty roads? How do you brake on hills without wearing out your brakes? Yikes, your black tank won’t empty, now what? What if the power goes out on your A/C? Ew, what if you get the mice your neighbors currently have? What if there’s nowhere to park? What if your hundreds of miles from cell service? Should you leave your trailer in an area you are not familiar with? If you don’t keep up with monitoring tire pressure you could have a blowout and do thousands of dollars of damage. I pray it doesn’t hail. Are you kidding me, that road is so thin, there’s no way two trailers will fit, and we are headed down which means the other trailer has the right of way…. Are we going to have to back all the way back up the hill? Where will you get your mail? Will you still have health insurance? How on earth will you vote? Where are you? Oh, don’t post your location! It’s not safe. All of this I’ve either heard, read or thought. Something as little as my awning not opening makes me see dollar signs and drastically start to doubt myself. What a fool I am, what was I thinking spending my money to live like this when I could have been in the “safety” of a house? I’ve got one of those creative minds that can spin up quite the imaginative story of what might happen and how it will lead to me being a homeless lady living out of a bag twenty years from now. Ha! Ha!

But seriously, living out of a house we have the same ups and downs, worries and fears, and real problems. Yes, someone can rob us, the furnace or A/C can go out, things break, maintenance has to be done, you could pick up a stalker along the way, you can’t guarantee who your neighbors will be…. Or better yet, you can almost guarantee they will be the people put here on the planet to teach you a lesson about yourself. And this is true in Airstream, nomad tiny living too. You still have to deal with bureaucracy and red tape when it comes to making sure you can vote, and have your basic needs like health insurance met. And basically tomorrow is not known, once yesterday is done it is what it is and living in today is the best you can do.

Its like anything else, having a great network of beautiful people around you to lean on when times get tough, keep whatever faith you practice alive, learning to go with the flow and accept what comes your way as part of the journey, are all helpful. Being grateful for all of the gifts on the journey, a little prayer and meditation, new and exciting adventures and gorgeous views help too!

A note on the beautiful people, more often in RV life I am finding people who are nothing like me but we have in common this lifestyle, people who truly cross political, religious, or any other types of belief boundaries with mine, that have little to do with the day to day of living this way. (I say little because obviously those things still effect us.) But we don’t see the facebook type black and white thinking keeping us from appreciating each other. People are interesting when you put all of that aside, and who knows, maybe you actually influence them more on your point of views, by not talking about them, but simply living your values. But one thing I do know, I can count on them. Whenever I leave, independent me doesn’t bother to tell a soul, and I’ll always have folks texting asking where I went. And my internet community of nomad friends will also pay attention, reach out, share their knowledge and skills. So in reality, we are not alone.

I write this for myself as I am just a short time out from giving up my “secure” spot in a park to get on the road. All of us have different limits as to what scares us or creates doubt in our abilities. These were just some of mine. But for all of us the sun always rises and we get another day…. until we don’t…. so I say, get out in it, and enjoy life.

2 thoughts on “Yes Mr. Morrison, There Will Be Days Like This!”

    1. Thanks Joella! Right after I published this a friend sent me a news story about someone in a horrible accident in their Airstream on the 15 near me! Tires on truck gone. Truck and trailer jackknifes, mangled and landed on top of the propane tank. The guy is lucky to be alive. And I’m not afraid but found the timing ironic!


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