Banff…. Need I say More?!


We made it safely to Banff and thouroughly enjoyed a few nights camping there. I got to experience “Airstream Love” there, and thus have signed up for my first international rally next year in Loveland Colorado. We met a few other Airstream owners as well as RV enthusiasts who reminded me of the generosity, kindness and goodness that exist in people. It was fun swapping stories about our setups and sharing things we had learned. At one point I even turned around to discover that even though I had not asked, one of my neighbors had taken it upon themselves to bring over some tools to fix my steps which were sticking. The campground we stayed at was at the end of town with a shuttle service into town and lots to do. There were deer everywhere, as well as beautiful wildflowers like the wild roses. On the trip in, contrary to what I found on the internet, there were plenty of pullouts timed perfectly to let the cars who wanted to go fast pass by, as well as fences to keep wildlife from leaping out in front of your car. There were even bridges that were landscaped to allow the wildlife to cross the highway safely on above the traffic.  The one bridge that gave me anxiety was the Kickiing Horse Bridge. Obviously I had both hands on the wheel so you will have to google for the dramatic photos of that bridge and imagine our tiny Airstream sailing across it with the two brave warrior goddesses inside! Ha! Ha! But serisouls, Lake Louise, Banff, that whole area is better shared with you in photos then in words so this will be my briefest written entry. Enjoy.


Enough said. This Mountain Mama is signing out and once again…. thanks you for your follow and shares!

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