Pandemic Parking

So we’re in a Pandemic. Little did I know my “Tiny Adventures” would take me here. I guess it’s still a tiny adventure. I mean the virus is so tiny it mysteriously leaps through face masks and flies around the world unseen befuddling scientists and experts. Looking back at posts and drafts I had to chuckle as I read some of the comments I wrote. “Expect the Unexpected” was one of my possible titles. I talked about “being flexible and being open to what life puts in front of you”. I imagined the twists and turns I would be taking my blog on. I shared my  “grattitude for time spent with loved ones”, and relief on “overcoming my fears ” of things like my first tow through the Canadian Rockies while it was snowing, or my story about tornado hopscotch. I dreamt about all of the places I would journey to around our beautiful continent, and all of the creative possibilities for some land that I have. Well, little did I know what was right around the corner. And the crazy thing is, I have to remind myself when fear arrives and starts to cripple me into a frozen state, that still, little do I know what is right around the corner. Not knowing brings me back to the here and now. I feel like my whole journey has been a spiritual one of taking risks and stepping out on faith to fully live life in the present moment. It’s been a journey that ironically has prepared me to live life to the fullest in the presence of death , enormous loss, sorrow and global disaster. It has reminded me that in spite of the things happening around me, the sun always rises, life goes on and I have a choice to enjoy this fleeting moment that I get to be here.  Surviving this, living depends on the simple fact that I have a choice in how I think about things. This gives me hope and keeps me joyful. That keeps me breathing.

I was reflecting and felt so grateful as it felt like everything I expereinced in the last four years, two years of downsizing and two years of travel, was preparing me for this moment. I’ve had to grapple with what is most important to me, shed off things that were no longer useful, learn how to be resourceful and learn from my mistakes in a new way of life, find new ways of getting groceries on the road when I couldn’t unhitch and drive somewhere, take care of my health when far from my trusty doctors and medical support system, learn how to stay safe when isolated and stay connected and in community. I have had to face my fears and do things anyway, learn to really live in the moment, appreciate and be grateful for the beauty around me, and get handy and more confident with DIY projects. I have learned to really love time with myself as well as love who I am. I have had to learn a whole new way of budgeting and handling finances since when you are on the road you are booking things sometimes a year in advance and dealing with other unique finance challenges. As a side note, I have to admit its killing me to not be able to take advantage of the diesel prices I’m missing right now! Ayway I have also learned some new skills picking up side gigs here and there where I didn’t have an important title and I could learn to humbly be of service to others.  I have learned how to ditch my “shy” and make friends out of strangers some of which began as internet friends. All of that and more I know is helping me now.

I’m creating a regular routine, which while it lasts, starts with a dog walk, then a cup of coffee and some reflection and meditation, then a five mile hike in the desert, followed by getting a project done. I make up projects for myself and my neighbors. They have joined in the fun and make up projects for me too. And I have found there is a lot more time for making art. I try to connect daily with three people and I incorporate a zoom meeting here and there and spend minimal time on the news in the eveing. I cook all of my food, eat healthy and drink lots of water.  I’m working on starting an organic container vegetable garden. Every few days is cleaning day.  I dress up once in awhile just for kicks. Every night I try to get a solid nights sleep.

Thank you, thank you, thank you….. for reaching out to me and checking on me to see if I had a safe place to be. Reaching out reminds us that we count, somebody cares about us, we matter.  As for parking, I do have a place. I was planning on making the desert my homebase and parking in a park along the river. Instead I have parked my trailer in storage in a park along the river and am living in my boyfriend’s river home. Seeing what was coming he convinced my stubborn, independent don’t need anybody ass that it made sense to try to find ways to live smarter right now and since I was fortunate enough to have the option I  seized it. In doing this we minimize costs and combine resources. I hope folks are thinking creatively how to do the same… lean on each other… help each other.  I also recognized that if I wanted to have some back stock of food, my tiny trailer refridgerator and freezer was not going to cut it. So over time I have been able to build up food resources here allowing me less of those deadly trips to the grocery store. Remember folks it is this week that advice tells us it would be smart to even avoid grocery stores as we head towards the peak of the effects of the virus. Since my guy is mostly in LA working on the frontlines I’m mostly here by myself, with a few other folks who have not left for the summer. When he’s not there, we are quarantined together following all of the advice I hope you all are following.

Also, in looking out for my dear furry companion there is more space for him to run around in doors when we need to stay inside. It will be easier to keep him cool. The less stressed I am the less stressed he is. I am so grateful to have a dog to care for… reminds me of the roll of tiger in the boat in “The Life of Pi.”

I’m not going to lie, I was a little sad unpacking my trailer and cleaning it for the shutdown. I had to make sure it was ready for the intense heat it will be sitting in here. I was disappointed to cancel my first two rallies in Colorado, Airstream and the We Can Tow It rally for Women who tow. Even so, I know this was the right move. I just came out of three days of fighting off intense panick, depression and grief having now lost five people I know to the virus…. and one close friend to other health issues that I’m sure were complicated by the fact they dealt with them during this time. But I am well. I am strong. I have support around me. My faith carries me. My companion dog gives me comfort. My partner does all he can to help me stay safe and in the moments we do see each other we leave it all behind and stay in the joy of getting to know each other. The birds sing to me all day and the desert soothes me. And as for my tiny adventures they will continue in my new living space, and one day I’ll take my rig back out on the road for some more adentures. Don’t get me wrong I’m still about living tiny. This place is a little bigger than mine but it’s still requires minimalist living, so it feels like its just the next leg of the journey.

I have actually been in stay at home mode before the actual order and am ending day 28. My spirits have stayed upbeat. So as I accept this is my life right now, I am finding ways to still contribute, connect, feel joy and dance in the beauty of this planet. I’m loving my loved ones with all of my heart while they too are still here, and I’m finding ways to live life on life’s terms. I hope you are too. I love phone calls in the morning so if you need some human connection call, give a shout out, facetime share our geographies, lift each other up.

As you can see, the Tiny Adventures of ElisaMG continues. It just looks a little different than expected. Thanks more than ever for following.


2 thoughts on “Pandemic Parking”

  1. I am just soooo happy for you. Loving life on your own terms. Such an adventure and I can live vicariously thru you. Keep the blogs coming. Stay safe. Xoxoxo

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