Random Thoughts Before Heading Out

As I get ready to launch once again it can get overwhelming with all I have to do. The more I do this, I get a little better each time at fine tuning the process. As a creative mind I am definitely random abstract in my thought process. What this means for both my art and my travel, I definitely need checklists, singular focus at any given time and the ability to say no as new sites, sounds and opportunities will always be on my path. So, let me see… what did I want to tell you? Squirrel!

People keep asking me if I’m all packed and ready to go. I used to save it all up for the last couple days and they stay up all night plowing through everything I have to do taking me back to that familiar stress of the j.o.b. which piled so much on everyone in any given day. This time I heard that little voice saying easy does it! I made a huge list of everything, and spread it out on my calendar, doing just a few things a day. It feels like growth being all balanced about my plans and preparation. Anyhow, I thought I’d share a random couple of my pre trip to do’s that are taking me to my departure date.

I had to take one last trip to the local furniture store in Havasu to collect my paintings. To the artists out there, it has been an interesting alternative way to show my work, especially in an area that does not have a lot of creative venues for artists. Granted Las Vegas, Phoenix and Palm Springs are all within a few hours so there were plenty of options there. But Havasu Furniture wanted to show local artists rather than commercial art. I thought that was pretty cool, especially as a beginner. There is also an artists’ collective in town which I was in the process of joining only the pandemic hit. I would have had to be in the storefront studio for ten days a month so I backed out. My takeaways on alternative locations to show art. I am a true believer all efforts payoff somewhere down the road if you keep up the momentum. I love and support anytime a person is promoting local artists so kudos to the owner of the store. It was nice seeing my art in furniture setups and knowing what it might look like and I know customers like to see that too. I’m pretty sure I was not likely to sell the thousand dollar and up pieces, and that folks buying there were more likely to purchase limited prints verses original art and not spend more on their art then they did on their sofa. Leaving business cards near my art on a coffee table was another way to introduce myself to new fans and collectors. Interest in art, and specifically my art was established with folks who might not traditionally end up in a gallery and therefore would have missed me. Also, having my work on their walls, meant I had more room in my truck and trailer to do more creating. So all in all, it was a great experience. The store graciously said, even though I was traveling I could still leave my work there, but I decided to collect it all, have another “gallery walk” in my park and bring it with me to my next destination.

It’s April 1st here and we are switching seasons, so the travel trailers have all started their journeys back north in search of cooler weather.

I always think it’s a good idea to survey the place you have been and see if there are any last sites you want to see, or simply appreciate where one has been. The drive from here to Havasu is gorgeous on both sides of the Colorado River. There is so much to explore here, and so much to get inspired by. When I first came out here I didn’t know it existed. My first stay was here at ECHO lodge with lots of snowbirds from as far as BC, Alberta and Ontario as well as the Long Beach locals who owned little homes here and knew how to party it up and have fun. The views from either side of the river are breathtaking and it was amazing to have parked my trailer right on the beach enjoying the dreamy magic reflection of moonlight and stars on the river each night and waking to beautiful shimmering sunrises in the morning. The amazing sand dunes hold memories of hours of off road exploring in ATV’s where one gets lost in thought and feels the spiritual presence of the desert. I have a photo of my dog and I sitting on the sand looking down at the river from earlier on. That was before I knew the snakes like to hide under the sand. And just beyond the sand dunes, like all over the area there are endless amazing hikes to go on. I made it up to the high peak where the flag is on the far right as well as to an area back beyond know as the Canadian Rock Art garden. Along wiith Sara Park, London Bridge, and the Quartzite Gem show, I would defintiely recommend these off the beaten path sites.

Of course inbetween remembering the beauty that is out here and all of the great experiences I have gotten to have here, I have to do some of the mundane like fill up the tank with water. My actual water tank has been sitting half full since I arrived in the area. No matter how many water softeners and filters I was not going to put the local water into my tank as it seems to leave marks on everything and I wanted to be able to use my tank for drinking water again. So I figure I will give my tank a good clean bleach out once I get back to Bonelli Bluffs. So off to the water store I went to load up my five gallon jugs. I was really taken aback to see three water machines out of service. So on to other options. If you are ever out here and want to know where my special secret spring water is, which I enjoy for cooking and coffee, just send me a private message. They just ask that you donate a dollar. Seeing all of my water service centers out of water was a harsh reminder how fragile life is and how dependent we are on some simple things that we often take for granted. Luckily I found another source that hopefully proves to be just as good for drinking water.

And of course, since we are talking about water, you must make some friends with boats, kayaks and other toys and get out on the water. So of course I’ll take fun memories of the area from the offshore perspective! (Full Disclosure: The boat and kayak photos were all pre-pandemic) There is no view at the river like the view from being on the river. With a responsible driver, it’s fun to bar hop at the piers up and down the river, stop for a yummy burger at Big Bend park and pull over at random buoy spots for a picnic lunch. And if you can get a group together and kayak or paddle board, you will definitely feel the benefits the nexty day!

I realize I have totally detoured from the mundane writing of preparing to take off to a new location. That’s ok, there are plenty of blogs out there to give you the details on that.

I’m reminded daily how rich I am in health, friendships, landscapes, experiences, adventures, and opportunities. I am fortunate for the fact that I can throw in some nap times inbetween the hustle and bustle of getting ready to take off for the next destination. I get to enjoy one area and be excited for the next. I don’t move about every other week like some folks do, because I love connecting with the community and experiencing the off the beaten path areas. I also love that I get to share my adventures with you! I am full with gratitude.

Thanks for the “follow”!

2 thoughts on “Random Thoughts Before Heading Out”

    1. Thanks Bill! Next stop tent camping. I’m kind of boujee and ussually stay in a hotel when my trailer goes in for safety inspections. After my last job, as you know, I became acustomed to staying in nice hotels, but my go to when headed to LA turned into a COVID hospital, and my cheaper suite style hotels are more like apartments these days with really bad management soooooo…… tent camping it will be. …four nights and five days. It will be fun seeing what I actually need when breaking down that small. 😂😊


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