My Tiny Life Journey! I’ve Been Headed Here All of My Life!

14861b26-69df-4182-8bcb-fd15ff6b9a4eHi! My name is Elisa and I am here to tell you about my downsizing journey. I’m thrilled that you have decided to check out my blog and will try to share my story, how and why  I came to this and why you might want to join me! I will follow this up with stories along the way outlining my process. I hope you find my words entertaining and informational. Enjoy!

All of this work on downsizing immediately is allowing me to do things that in the past I might not have, due to, not enough funds, not enough time, too many other things I have to get done. The whole point is to make my time quality time. I get to be in the moment, doing whatever I really want, and that is great!

Driving to Santa Fe New Mexico from LA for the first ever Creative Reboot Conference, was quite the drive. I didn’t know it then but I was headed to a life-changing event that would take me on a journey I had been waiting for all of my life. It took thirteen hours to get there, to be exact. So, I did not do a lot of stopping except for gas and stretch brakes.

The drive in as the sun was setting blew me away. There was so much color in the sky. I believe every color in the rainbow and it showed in such a layering of textures. All I could do was grab a hint at what the experience was like. My cell phone, blurred, filled with bug guts whizzing down the freeway photos do not even begin to do the scene justice. But they would capture the beginning of me really venturing out to find my creative self which had long been lost in a story of the houses I have lived in.

I was finally commiting to following my creative heart! And blogging about it for all of you to see! I did not know it would take me another four months to gain the courage to publish it publicly! That said…. I preface this with… I am not a writer! I am not an English Teacher or a publisher. I am just figuring out how to be a blogger. So if you read this I am honored, and if you read this, please be patient and kind as my writing might seem simple, or I may make grammatical errors once in a while.

Thank you Angela, Brenda, Nicole, and especially Traci for encouraging me, pushing me to go forward. Thank you to my Creative Reboot brothers and sisters for building a network of creative love for me to do this in. Thank you to my Improv friends for teaching me courage and how to jump in and be in the moment!Thank you to my Julia Cameron and my Artist Way sisters for supporting me to move past myself and my stuff and get to writing! Here I go!

2 thoughts on “My Tiny Life Journey! I’ve Been Headed Here All of My Life!”

  1. Elisa, I can’t say enough how wonderful I think you are! Your journey is mine to dream about. You’ve created a place of carefree joy. That’s why you’re blogging, right? So that those of us that are bound by the shackles of home living can experience beauty through your eyes. I miss you. You always kept our lives real. You had me considering at all times the possibilities. Be safe and healthy always, my friend!

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    1. Thank you for the lovely words Susana! I learn things about myself daily doing this and it has helped me live a truly courageous and fulfilling life. Is this Susana from my past job? I’m guessing. It doesn’t show. Anyhow…. stay in touch. I’m not far…. especially now during COVID. I hope all is well with you too! Stay safe.💗


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