Harvest Host – My First & Definitely Not Last Experience- Julietta Winery, Sacramento

Purchasing an annual membership allowed me to boon dock “free” on over 1,000 farms, wineries, golf courses and museums in North America. Of course as a courtesy they hope you will patron the location.

This was easily done at Julietta Winery. I let them know ahead of time that I was coming to make sure they had space for me. I told friends nearby I was coming through town and got to hang out together.

When I drove in from highway five the drive was amazing, I drove along the Sacramento River and over some beautiful photo worthy bridges, further and further back in, hoping my GPS was not misleading me. Of course I could not snap the photos because I had to keep both hands on the wheel, but I will say, if you have not explored wine country near Sacramento it is definitely a treat.

The staff at Juliette Winery made me feel so welcome, from when I first got there and they helped me back into my spot, to enjoying surprising delights in both wine and cheese, both which I walked away buying… so not actually free…. but worth it.

The setting was gorgeous and after the winery closed it was just me and the dog enjoying the trees bending in the wind, a delicious dinner and the colorful sunset.

I even got to hold “Hei Hei” a love of a chicken! Who knew chickens were so sweet! Dudley gave me a good hard look at that point but he warmed up to the little guy.

I hope you enjoy the pictures! And for now good night! Tomorrow is a new day of driving!

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4 thoughts on “Harvest Host – My First & Definitely Not Last Experience- Julietta Winery, Sacramento”

  1. Rosie,

    You made it to Sacramento on one of our cooler summer days. Your adventurous spirit opens up doors for you. Proud of you!


    Liked by 1 person

    1. I am so grateful for the cool weather! The drive was much warmer which did have me a teeny bit worried! Wow! Sacramento really has some gems to explore. It is so gorgeous here at the winery.


  2. So, I’m super enjoying living vicariously through you! Your travels are AMAZING and there’s so much more to come… I know you are but, be safe on the roads and keep the photos and highlights coming!

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