Jazz, Blues and Rock N Roll, Having a Social Life On The Road

MacArthurParkThe MacArthur Park Musica Festival was just one of the many fun opportunities that I have stumbled upon on my journey. When you are “on the road” and you are a city girl like me, it may seem like there is literally nothing out there to do unless staring at trees is all you need. Well my cousins were soon to show me the ropes of social life and entertainment when the nearest town is five miles in and has a population of 500.

Tucked back in the woods folks own some quite incredible homes. These homes become host homes for concerts. So, once you are in the know, as long as you don’t get lost on the gravel roads with no lighting after dark and you are able to find the location for the evening, you get to enjoy some great live music. Goes to show, entertainment and fun can show up in a variety of ways.

Also, in Riding Mountains National Park there is an awesome arts center. I couldn’t believe I was sitting at a top notch jazz concert where the keynote performer got there by way of LA and Brooklyn New York. He has now settled down in the town of Brandon, Manitoba. And honestly I often  go places where I don’t see too many folks who look like me so to see brother up here in frozen country doing his thing in music was a real treat.  It taught me you have to travel to every place you go with an open mindto all that is possible. That’s what Airstream Life is about.

Then there was the MacArthur Park Music Festival. My cousin is no stranger to this traveling lifestyle. She and her husband travel the country in their vintage VW Van. And her brother (in the photo) travels the country with his wife in a big RV while Air B&B’ing their house, near Disney in Florida. Well, it pays to talk to folks, or in this case already have those connections who know where things are hopping. Even though huge storms were headed in the MacArthur Park Music Festival stayed on as scheduled. A good two hundred folks showed up. Next time I’ll be brave and join the other rigs out on the grass of the farm and camp out for a couple days. This time I just moved my Airstream over to my cousins house nearby. The musicians come from all over, Winipeg, and North Dakota were two places I remembered. Tnere was also plenty of home grown talent. The music went on until three in the morning. There was a larger than life bonfire and lots of food and drinks enjoyed by all. I may be wrong but I think this event was invite only. So the lessen learned was talk to lots of folks, build relationships, don’t forget the ones you have right there in your families and find out what might be going on right where you are for a dose of fun!

Due to my lack of skills in uploading videos, if you want to hear some of the music…. go check out my Instagram. I’m going to upload the videos there and keep photos for this post. My instagram handle is @TinyAdventuresOfElisaMG



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