Where Are You From?… Right Now? Here.

Another joy of being able to move with your home on wheels is getting to decide what you would like to be involved with and simply going to live there for a week, a month, a half a year.

I had friends crash my campground with their tents, some stop in for a meal, and other come scoop me up to show me a night on their town. Checking out Meow Wolf in Santa Fe with another friend was a real treat.

Speaking of Santa Fe, how nice was it that I could come in early and leave late from The Gathering of the Creatives, a now annual gathering of creative types supporting each other through workshops and networking. It was an extra special year this year as a . couple friends joined me in Santa Fe. A writer friend came to the workshops and another girlfriend who just needed to get away for the weekend, came for a visit. People often wonder about traveling solo. Well, most places I have at least one friend stop by. The coach is big enough and divided by rooms for privacy so that a couple of days hanging with friends is actually fun. They get the back end and I stay in the front.


The Gathering of the Creatives is a conference that brings together people from around the country and beyond who love to engage in creative endeavors. The belief is that everyone has the capacity to be creative, creativity comes in a variety of forms and creativity is what we need more of to make our world a better healthier happier place to live. I first attended last year, skeptical due to the cost but drawn in because it was my chance to meet Julia Cameron, author of The Artist’s Way live. This year it was exciting to participate in Portland’s Intuitive Artist Flora Bowley’s workshop, as well as hear first hand from Randy Davilla President of Hierophant Publishing as well as Insights Events, the publisher’s perspective on what sells and all of the nuts and bolts that go along with it. I’ll have to say, at The Gathering of The Creatives I learned so many new things, plus, the networking was as such a higher level then I imagined it would be in that, I continue to connect and deepen relationships with the fellow creatives that I met at the conference.  I’ve started on a business plan for my art and have asked a fellow artist to mentor me. The experience was the jump start I needed to dive into my second act in life, embracing myself as an artist, and making and selling my art. Making The Gathering of the Creatives a stop along my travels was well worth it, beyond the gorgeous backdrop of Santa Fe, New Mexico.

It is so awesome to have been able to move about the country in my Airstream and show up where the opportunities are. Who knows, maybe in 2020 I’ll get my wheels rolling to a state I believe I can make a difference in by volunteering for political organizing work. Or you might find me back in another part of the country selling my artwork and a particular art fair. I’m a member of a couple of clubs so I’m heading to Colorado for my first Airstream Rally this summer, as well as my first rally for women who tow. Right now, I’m loving the idea of heading towards home for a bit. Home meaning, where family is. My J.O.B. has taken me as far from home as you can possibly get without leaving the country. I’m looking into and looking forward to being close enough to family to get to hang out on the weekend. The crazy thing is I keep making more family everywhere I go and my travel plans keep expanding.

Will I be back for a third Gathering of the Creatives? Who knows. The more I relax into this lifestyle I learn that life throws you fun surprises. You can plan all you want but there might just be a totally different plan out there waiting for you. I’m getting more and more comfortable with the Gypsy Life each day. Did I mention I picked up a job bartending here on the river? Yep . I get to add to my savings (allowing for more cross country travel) while doing something way different than I have ever done and having a blast doing it. All along the road are more opportunities than one can imagine if you leave yourself open to the universe. Always look forward but stay in the moment and enjoy the ride. See you down the road somewhere soon.

3 thoughts on “Where Are You From?… Right Now? Here.”

  1. I’ll be at the tow rally too. I am excited to meet you. I’m also developing creativity as my second act. I write and am putting a novel out this spring. I’ve never heard of this Creatives conference – only because I am so new to this arena. Thanks for sharing your experience!


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