Listen to those Vacation Package Deals!


When I last left you I was just pulling in to Emerald Cove, a part of the Colorado River Adventures, a vacation package membership for RV folk. I spent two hours listening to a vacation package deal and in return got twenty days free parking at one of their campgrounds. I chose Emerald Cove, right down the river from where I would end up wintering this year. Besides hitting the back end of  Monsoon season, an ongoing theme of my most recent travels, it was perfect. I mean I have been running from weather since Pismo Beach so I guess there is no surprise there.  I watched as the rushing water slowly rose higher and higher in the parking lot behind me, wondering at what point I would need to hitch up and get out of there. On occasion I would check my “ghetto wooden window” but I have to say, those guys at the RV shop in Minnesota, did me a solid as not even a hint of leaking through my broken window.

There were more fun neighbors to meet, learn from and hang out with, two large pools and hot tubs surrounding the bar and grill and TVs. I got to liking the hot dog and fries and little too much. And in the mornings and mid week when all of the party people were either asleep or headed back to their day jobs, the river was all mine. Mine and Dudley’s that is. We began falling in love with the gorgeous scenery here.

I successfully drove my trailer up on to levelers for the first time, and I learned about a lot of cool gadgets for my wish list from my new neighbors. I learned about the importance of nailing down everything outside as I lost a rug to the river and created yet one more dent in my trailer from my flying wooden patio chairs. When I saw the dent I was like “who would do this and how?!” My neighbor said, remember that wind storm last night when your chairs went flying. All I could do was laugh at myself. I also learned in the night, when the winds were 50 mph… that I am not the one to sleep in my trailer when its rocking and rolling. I spent the night walking around the campground with one of my new found friends who also wasn’t about to sleep through the crazy winds. Also with no internet or TV I had lots of time on my hands so I got to work  on painting some more pieces for my collection of work to sell. It’s really the little accomplishments along the way that give me a sense of satisfaction.


By this time, I was seriously looking forward to my upcoming gig where I’d get to sit still for five months. I had zero regrets on the fun sitting still and listening to a two hour sales pitch gave me. As a matter of fact, I have five more free days to use up at the park, and the deal they were selling was actually a good deal if I had, had the extra money to blow and knew I might eventually want to make this area a home base. So I say, listen to the sales pitch! 🙂

BTW… if you have an interest in purchasing any of my work… original or replicas, send me a message and we will talk. Thanks for supporting my art and travels.

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